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Digital Photography – How to learn and improve the Technique via ONLINE?

I found an intreresting discussion on Yahoo and I have re-published it below for your convenience I am interested in improving my DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY techniques … where is the best place (ONLINE) I can learn … and much better if it is free .. hehehhee Any suggestion for a good reference book? i would suggest […] Read more

How to Teach a Digital Photography Class

  Teaching a digital photography class can be beneficial for several reasons. For the photographer, it is an additional means of earning an income while imparting valuable knowledge to other budding photographers. those attending these classes will learn a new skill or improve on existing ones. the following are a few guidelines for Read more

Mike’s Ryukyu Gallery: Photography Tip: Crop a Digital Photo

With today’s Photography Tip I hope to accomplish two things: 1. Demonstrate what a crop on a digital photo does to your picture. 2. Show you that you don’t really need a 21 Mega Pixel Camera unless you happen to be in the business of printing your photos for pasting on billboards. There are two […] Read more
Pentax X90

Pentax X90 Digital Camera Review

The Pentax X90 Digital Camera I  recently read some interesting reviews on the Pentax X90 Digital Camera and I try to summarize the main point below: Pentax is one of the original “Big Five” camera companies (along with Canon, Nikon, Minolta and Olympus), and has been making digital cameras for over a decade. Last year’s […] Read more

GIMP 2.6 for Photographers

GIMP 2.6 for Photographers by Klaus Goelker is a beginner’s guide to GIMP, an open-source image editing tool that runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows. Read more and comment Read more

Photo-i releases A Guide To DSLR Photography

Photo-i editor Vincent Oliver has released ‘A Guide To DSLR Photography’, the company’s latest DVD that promises to help photographers improve their shooting and editing skills. The topics covered include camera set-up, exposure, white balance, lens choice, DSLR movie capture and editing. Playable in all regions, the DVD is Read more
Panasonic Lumix TZ10 front

Panasonic Lumix TZ10 Digital Camera Review

Panasonic Lumix TZ10 According to TrustedReviews,  the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 is a well-designed, solidly built and extremely versatile camera with a lot of useful features. The 12x zoom, optical image stabilisation, HD video and excellent low light performance are the main benefits, and manual exposure is a nice bonus. The GPS feature is a bit Read more

Where I get my Big ASS photo prints made

Written by Jared Polin I LOVE making large prints!!!! My current portfolio is made up of 30×45′s and 40×60′s and I want to add some 50×80′s. There are not to many places around that can do “wet prints” in such large sizes. I use a small place called Taylor Photo in Princeton NJ. Taylor has […] Read more

How to Find Photography Buddies

A Guest post by Kat Landreth . You and your camera are best buddies Read more